Delete Or Close Hotmail Account

When there is no demand, you also do not want to keep anymore hotmail account, you decide to delete hotmail account. All other Microsoft service associated with the account will be inaccessible. Therefore, you have to think carefully when making decisions to close hotmail account.
Maybe you did not know how to do it. Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the inbox, choose "view acount". Or you visit following this link  :

Step 2: Select the tab "Security & Privacy" in the menu bar and then select "More security settings"

Step 3: If You may not be asked to verify your identity, go to step 4. If You may be asked to verify your identity. You enter your phone or email. Now, a Microsoft security code will be sent to your phone or to your email. 

You enter a code to the box Code ---> click "submit"

Step 4: Then, Scroll down under, choose "Close my account", Click "next"


If a request for account login, don't worry. Because you're accessing sensitive info, you need to verify your password.
Enter password and click "sign in"

Step 5: will ask you to make sure your Hotmail id is ready to close. Click on next button.

Step 6 : You will be asked to mark several check box asking you to read and understand consequence of deleting account. And you will also be asked to reply why you want to delete Hotmail account. Click on "Mark acount for closure" after checking all box.


Step 7: A notification will there notifying you can re-open your Hotmail account within next 60 days. Click "done".